How To Dye Polyester Curtains

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How To Dye Polyester Curtains - This post was transcribed from the original Hometalk TV episode by a member of the Hometalk editorial team. All you need for this cool curtain project is a bag of ice and some powder paint I have this window in my studio office and decided it needed fresh screens

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How To Dye Polyester Curtains

I picked up this one-step tie dye kit at my local Walmart It had a really cool ombre pastel color that I wanted to try Since I only needed powder paint for this DIY, I saved the rest of the kit for something else I assembled this setup with just a couple of ladders and a piece of wood, then put up a polyester curtain.

Then I started placing some ice cubes on the tree and curtains right on the tree I bought a bag of ice so some pieces are bigger than others but it really doesn't matter I wanted to make sure there were no gaps and completely covered the piece of wood above the screen

Then I started pouring powder paint over the ice I tried to do this as evenly as possible, making sure to cover all the ice with the powder paint I spread it on the wooden board using all the colors in the kit Now it's easy to sit back and let the sun melt the ice and see what color patterns come out of it

Step #1: Measure The Weight Of The Polyester Curtain

I was in Canada where it was a very hot day so the snow melted quickly I had some large paint spots that were sitting together in one spot so I added some more ice to the area and poured some water over the ice.

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The water allowed these chunks to float away so I didn't end up with large blocks of paint When I started looking, my wood chipped I thought it would make a nice design, but I decided I didn't really like the way the colors floated to one end of the screen.

I decided to take the tree down another rung of stairs and flatten it halfway This darkened it and allowed the colors to flow more evenly across my screen After the ice melts completely, remove the screen from the wood piece and let it dry until it dries

I used polyester curtains, but if I had to do it again, I would probably use 100% cotton curtains. I think the dyes absorbed more because the sun melted the ice and it changed the color of the dye The salmon color and the butterscotch that came in the kit really faded in the sunlight, and I was left with only blue.

Step #2: Dip The Polyester Curtains In Warm Water

Honestly, I think it's very light and delicate, and I think it's perfect for this window Now I have these super pretty blue ombre curtains and I think they turned out really well It was a very cheap, inexpensive DIY The paint kit was only $8 and the curtains were $4 from the local dollar store.

Then add a bag of ice and that's all you need for this project I hope this inspires you to get creative with ice paint and see what colors and patterns you can come up with. Dyeing works best with 100% cotton You can use tab for this

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Bad idea for a shower curtain because it won't pick up the paint Holly, just a stupid comment as I'm sure it wasn't intentional The best option is to use real frozen water and ice (drinks). I had to laugh However, I like the idea

Quality heavy duty curtains are easy to paint at home with the right kit and a good sized sink or tub Check the label on the draperies to see what material they are made of, as this will determine the type of dye you should buy.

Step #2: Dip The Polyester Curtains In Warm Water

Natural materials such as cotton, linen, hemp and bamboo are easy to dye Synthetic fabrics often require a different color and the color may not be consistent or permanent. Weigh your curtains on an accurate scale and record their total weight before purchasing the right fabric color for your window treatments.

Fabric color is sold by the weight of the entire fabric, not by the square meter Correct weight is important to achieve rich, even color Use the weight of the material to find a base or large trash can large enough to hold the screen

You need 3 gallons of water for every pound of fabric Starting with a container that holds at least 3 gallons, fill the basin or base with clean water based on the amount needed for the dye, then add the fabric. For example, start with a 5-gallon tub filled with 3 gallons of water for dying one pound of fabric or less, or a 10-gallon tub filled with 6 gallons of water for two pounds of fabric. Tie Dyed Curtain Boho Tie Dye Darkening Window Dreapes For  Bedroom Hippie Dreamy Blue Pink Purple Blackout Curtains(30%-50% )  Psychedelic Bohemian Gypsy Window Treatments (2 Panels, 38 X 54 Inch) :  Home & KitchenSource:

Check that you can move the material easily and that there is enough space between the surface of the water and the edge of the pool to prevent splashing. Once you have enough of the container, pour out the water and scoop out the contents

Step #3: Get The Stove And Large Pot Ready For Boiling Water

Wash the fabric with an enzymatic detergent in hot water to remove dirt, starch and other impurities that can prevent dye from penetrating the fabric, Dharma Trading Co. recommends heavy fabrics not fit in a standard household washing machine. Wash curtains in batches or go to a coin-operated laundromat to use a high-efficiency machine.

Do not tumble dry Dissolve the amount of paint with the amount of material to be treated in warm water according to the instructions on the package; Most kits will require one cup of warm water for the amount of dye needed to treat one pound of fabric, but this may vary by manufacturer.

Stir the dye well into the water until it is completely dissolved Fill a basin or trash can with the required amount of water (3 gallons per pound of fabric), then add the paint mixture. Add any other ingredients that came with the kit according to the manufacturer's instructions

Note: The exact method of dyeing drapery depends on the brand of fabric dye you choose Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for best results Also, you will have to wear gloves and old clothes during the project Add still-wet cloth to dye bath, stirring gently every 5 minutes for 20 minutes, or according to manufacturer's instructions.

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